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Why did my hot water stop working?

Chances are your pilot light went out. Your water heater should have instructions for reigniting the pilot light. Also, be sure to move the red button on top of the gas valve to the Pilot position.

Hold the button down for about ten seconds then click the igniter and look for the pilot flame to come on. Continue holding the button down for at least thirty seconds and when you let off the red button the pilot light should continue to stay on. If it doesn’t stay on, repeat the process and hold the button down for more than 30 seconds.

If that doesn’t work, contact the plumber because the gas control valve is not working properly. After the pilot is lit, turn the button to the “on” position and you’re back in business.

What kind of toilet should I buy?

Stick to the name brands because you get what you pay for. Toilets are always worth the investment. Ask how well they are rated for flushing capacity.

Toilets are either round or elongated on the bowls. There are also different heights for seating. Choose one that is comfortable for you.

What kind of faucet should I buy?

Stick with name brands, Moen, Delta, Price Phister, Koehler, G—.

They have lifetime warranties on replacement parts and the manufacturers are always willing to send you the parts, usually a few days after you call them.

Why won’t my garbage disposal work?

Almost all disposals have a mini circuit breaker on the bottom of the disposal. When a disposer is jammed and the motor won’t turn, the process shuts the breaker off so the motor doesn’t short out.

The reset button is on the bottom of the disposer, and as you press against it, it will retract and you will hear a click, which means it is reset.

Insinkerators also have a tool that comes with new disposers which, when inserted into the bottom of the disposer, is helpful in un-jamming the disposer. It works a lot better than a broom handle or anything else from the top side.

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