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Joe Prater

Joseph Prater

Lic. #709371

Joe began his officially plumbing career in 1988 and now has over 23 years of well rounded experience in the plumbing profession. Over a four year period he worked hard to learn his profession and completed his professional plumbing apprenticeship. During this time he not only worked but went to school and completed his Associate’s Degree. Through hard work he has progressed in his profession and received his license as a Journeyman Plumber. Joe has experience in a wide variety of plumbing areas from heavy industrial, commercial, new construction, and remodel, but still enjoys the challenges of the repair business the best. He enjoys doing the work himself and getting right along side his employees to complete any job to see it is done right and to teach his employees by example. Joe has also worked internationally doing a big commercial project for the The Condado Plaza in Puerto Rico. Due to his professional work and integrity, Joe has been requested to go back on several occasions to do restaurant remodel projects for the same hotel/casino.

Joe is hard working and a Founding Member in The Plumbers Guild and prides himself in being honest and a man of integrity. He strives to perform good quality work at an affordable price. His word is his bond. Joe always make sure a project is completed in a professional manner and always sees that his projects are left clean.

Joe has completed a 2 year church mission after high school while most other young men were playing and having a good time. He enjoys life but at the same time takes it seriously. Joe has been married to Alice Larson of Glendora, CA for over 20 years ago and they are the proud parents of six children. Joe and Alice enjoy traveling, boating, time on the beach and being together as a family. They especially enjoy time with their three young grandchildren.

Joseph Prater Plumbing looks forward to providing service to you and taking care of all your plumbing needs. Give them a chance to serve you. You wouldn’t be sorry!

Michael Prater

Lic. #926077

I’ve been involved in plumbing for nearly 10 years now. I’ve gained experience, knowledge and insight working with several different companies. I’ve had the privilege of practicing a wide variety of plumbing application and always strive for the very best results, evolving my work and methods. I have a lot to offer and see the value in serving others. I love being active and working with my hands, developing new skills and live to enjoy every moment I can. My motto is “there’s always room for improvement”. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be the best.

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia has been a plumber and service technician for more than five years. He joined Joseph Prater Plumbing in 2011.

He has completed too many kinds of repairs to name—just to name a few, he has replaced main sewer lines, gas lines, water lines, and drains beneath homes, repaired slab leaks, and remodeled bathrooms.

He enjoys the challenges that many plumbing jobs bring, and he also loves showing the finished product to his customers.

“I was given an opportunity to work in the plumbing field and found my calling in life! I enjoy helping and educating my customers on plumbing issues, and how to solve minor plumbing problems so they can save money. I believe in treating the customer with the utmost respect that they deserve.”